200 Princes’ Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario M6K-3C3

Phone: 416-263-3290
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Guests of the FOUNTAINBLU wedding and event venue experience a wonderful combination of luxury and comfort. The venue contains 5,500 square feet of space, which can be used for your special occasions and events.  FOUNTAINBLU caters to both large and small groups for corporate meetings, weddings and even small conventions. Two rooms can accommodate up to 450 people in beautiful, sophisticated style.

FOUNTAINBLU also has extraordinary facilities, equipped with state of the art sound systems, video equipment and Wi-Fi. This makes the venue ideal for corporate workshops and sales meetings where audio-visual presentations are included as a part of the corporate training. At the same time, modern parties, weddings and memorial services often use sight and sound to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of traditional life events.

Perusing the Fountainblu brochure or viewing the venue on a website can give you an adequate introduction to it. But, to really find out what Fountainblu offers, you need to visit the site and experience is venue first-hand. Those who do leave knowing that they have found an excellent option for their private or corporate event. It is always a good idea to reserve any venue as early as possible. When you choose Fountainblu, you will want to formalize your decision quickly to ensure you get this top of the line Greater Toronto Area venue.