Bob Rumball Manor

2395 Bayview Avenue,
Toronto Ontario M2L 1A2

Phone: 416 449 9651 ext 103
[email protected]


Manors are perfect venues for wedding receptions, corporate events and birthday parties. They allow you to cater to parties ranging from 10 to as much as 200 guests. Finding the right location for any special occasion is extremely important, and can make or break any social gathering.

Bob Rumball Manor is located in Toronto, Ontario, and was built in 1929. It is one of the most popular wedding venues in Toronto. Being constructed in the Tudor revival style, it provides an ideal background for wedding portraits.

Initially built for Harry and Joyce Plummer, Bob Rumball Manor has changed many hands since then. The gardens and charming rooms can provide the perfect setting for various wedding styles like grand weddings, and even the more intimate ones. This Manor helps create an enchanting atmosphere for any wedding reception, as well, especially if you consider its exquisitely landscaped property.

The Manor can also create an elegant and graceful setting for more formal gatherings like outdoor corporate events, or indoor corporate meetings and conferences. The selection of dining rooms, decorated with precision and style, will make any event truly unforgettable. Full use of the gardens and main floor is available for different social occasions. Bob Rumball Manor will help you organize the most impressive meeting place for your colleagues and company.

The architectural mix of traditional Tudor and medieval Frenchh will enhance the professionalism of your setting, while simultaneously inviting you and your colleagues to relax in a comfortable environment. Bob Rumball Manor provides the services of a facility manager who will help you plan all of the meals, and can arrange for other services such as the requirement of audiovisual equipment. You can choose from different rooms that will offer you options for your company meetings and conferences. You can also organize intimate and small sit-down meals at one of the luxurious dining rooms.

Every room in the Bob Rumball Manor is warmly decorated. These rooms provide an ideal setting for casual, semi-formal and formal events. You can also celebrate milestone birthday parties at the Manor. It is an ideal site to capture exclusive shots with friends and family members. The mirror shots and staircase photographs are sure to be family favorites.

Depending on the type of event you are hosting and the expected number of guests, you can reserve various rooms and parts of the garden at different times of the day. Whatever the event, Bob Rumball Manor is sure to accommodate.