The Bata Shoe Museum

327 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON M5S 1W7

Phone: 416.979.7799


Museums are the current hotspots for hosting different types of social gatherings ranging from birthday parties, wedding receptions to even corporate events. The space available in museums is often quite flexible, so you can arrange different sized events with ease. You can plan an intimate seated dinner in any one of the showcase rooms of the museum, and also host an elegant corporate event in any one of the halls. The biggest advantage of reserving private space at a museum is that you have a wide variety of halls and rooms at your disposal.

The Bata Shoe Museum will provide you several opportunities for creating stunning backgrounds for whatever event you’re hosting. The stunning background provided by the Bata shoe museum will ensure that your get-together will be truly unforgettable.

The Bata Shoe Museum is an architectural marvel, and will provide rich educational spaces that will keep your guests thoroughly entertained. The museum will allow you to create a spectacularly decorated environment, with the number of guests ranging from 10 to as much as 100! You will be able to give your guests an out-of-this-world experience.

This museum will allow you to host your wedding reception surrounded by priceless history. You can also celebrate the best day of your life amongst the truly spectacular achievements of humanity. You’ll also be able to take some of the most creative and original wedding portraits.

For corporate events, the Bata provides an environment of historical achievements that will truly inspire your colleagues. You can host elegant receptions in some of the exhibit halls, and also organise seminars in the historical halls. You can surround yourself with motivation and inspiration to inspire and motivate your team.

The various hourly rentals of the museum can fit different types of budgets for individuals and corporate bodies alike. You can reserve the different exhibit halls, conference rooms and seminar halls, choosing from amongst the various services as well as from the different lengths of time. If you have decided on one of the more popular exhibit halls, be sure to book them at least one to two months in advance to ensure that you can provide privacy for your guests, and can conduct the event without interruption.

You can also reserve the halls and rooms on a half or full day basis depending on your budget. If required, the museum will help you coordinate with different decorators and caterers. We will make sure that your social gathering goes off without a hitch.