Argonaut Rowing Club

1225 Lakeshore Blvd. West
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C1

Phone: 416.532.2803
Fax: 416.532.2804


When planning an event, the largest portion of the budget is usually dedicated to location. Reserving rooms at a banquet hall or the grounds of any sprawling garden of an historical monument in your town or city costs a pretty penny. Moreover, it is not always easy to choose the perfect venue to host gatherings like a wedding reception, birthday party or corporate event.

The Argonaut Rowing Club is one of the most popular clubs in the city of Toronto. Located on the banks of Lake Ontario, this Club provides fantastic views of the western side of Exhibition Place. Founded in 1872 by amateur rowers, the Argonaut Rowing Club is one of the largest and oldest clubs in Canada. It is considered to be a historic site in the city, and a quite popular wedding venue. The clubhouse, being made of bricks from the 1800s, is the ideal backdrop for wedding photographs.

Since some of the club members are prominent local ice hockey and football players, it’s no surprise that sports-based events can likewise be hosted here. One of the best features of the club is the 4000 meter watercourse. It runs along the western side of the club, and forms the mouth of the Humber River, providing the ideal background for casual and semiformal events.

Before you book any rooms, determine the number of invited guests, and estimate how many people you believe will actually attend. This will help you narrow down the choice of rooms available to you within the club. You must also take into account the amount of space required by the catering company for food set-up. This is quite an important factor in the choice of rooms that will be available to you. With professional catering and decorative rooms, your gathering can be specified to your liking.

It is possible to reserve several banquet halls and rooms of the club while keeping well within your budget. Whatever your stipulated costs, you can rest assured that your party will be a smashing success at the historical Argonaut Rowing Club.