Italian sandwich

What exactly is it that makes an Italian Sandwich taste so great? It could be the bread, the vinaigrette, spicy meats, or perhaps the pepperoncini rings piled on top. Maybe it’s the unique combination of these individually wonderful foods exploding with flavor on your tastebuds. Let’s break down the makings of the Italian Sandwich to what ingredients come together to make it so tasty.

What kind of bread do you use for your Italian sandwich?

An Italian white loaf works perfectly fine for a classic Italian sandwich or sub.Wheat bread is also a great option and even a fresh sourdough bread fills the bill. The greatest sandwich is made on a small loaf or sub type bread, but just about any freshly baked and sliced bread is tasty as well.

Which meat and cheese makes a great Italian sandwich?

Each person has a different taste preference, but the top choices for most Italian sandwiches include ham, salami, capicola, or pepperoni. Meat is a variable, meaning some eaters like several slices, or more of a particular meat while others like less. Most like some combination of meat topped off with a couple of slices of provolone cheese.This is the body of the sandwich and the vinaigrette and fresh veggies are just the dressing for it.

Shall we talk about the vinaigrette?

A flavorful vinaigrette contains the perfect combination of ingredients. Splashed on the sandwich, the vinaigrette provides a punch that makes other spreads and condiments an unnecessary addition. You may opt for a bottle version, or you can make your own. Key ingredients include olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh parsley, dried oregano, dried basil and fresh garlic with just a touch of Kosher salt and black pepper. The vinaigrette is poured directly onto the bread to let the rich flavor seep in to be savored. The vinaigrette although made creatively different by the masses, is the signature for the sandwich.

And what about those toppings on your Italian sandwich?

Classic toppings on an Italian style sandwich typically includes shredded iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes and thin slices of a variety of sweet onion. Some like the crunch a handful of fresh spinach adds and of course, pepperoncini rings top it off perfectly. For an extra splash of flavor, a few drops of the vinaigrette might be sprinkled on top of the fresh veggies once they’ve been added.

How do you want your sandwich made?

These are the basic ingredients used to build the perfect Italian sandwich. Of course, they are flexible and used per each eater’s personal flavor and texture preferences. You may also want to throw in a handful of potato chips or a bowl of coleslaw as a side. For a touch of class add a pickle slice or some pimento stuffed olives. Choose your bread, meats, cheese and toppings and it really is that simple to build a tasty meal around an Italian sandwich.