The holiday season is the craziest time of the year. Planning your holiday party at this time is both inevitable and really tricky. It can also, however, be the most fun party you have ever had, a time to relive all those comforting old traditions that spread the joy and cheer like drifting confetti. Think about all those childhood memories – decorating trees, wrapping presents, planning ski trips, wearing Santa hats to parties, and kissing under mistletoes. Well, the holiday party is your chance to bring all these old traditions back into play.

Hire a caterer

Although it might be a time when at the end of the year and before you leave for the holidays you have a ton of work to wrap up, get your affairs in order, do your gift shopping for friends and family, and the thought of taking out the time to have a holiday party might seem daunting, you need not let it burrow you under a pile of snow. There is one easy way out where you can unburden yourself while at the same time ensuring that you have a stellar party in order: hire a caterer.

  1. A good caterer can be the plough that digs you out from the pile of too much work and too little time. A caterer is not just the guy who provides the food to your party but also one who can reach into his network of event management folks and find you the perfect team to put together your event.
  2. In addition to a caterer you will require a great venue, one which has enough space to accommodate your guests and Christmas tree, while also providing a little bit of flair to your event. A perfect event is one that can add something to your event, such as an art gallery. Here the guests have each other to mingle with, assisted by free flowing alcohol and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres, and in between conversation and caroling they have great art to be enthralled by. If you haven’t had the foresight to book months in ahead as is necessary during the holiday season to bag any decent venue, fret not, the caterer can help here too. Make sure he knows what your requirements are and he should be able to find you somewhere suitable from his own connections.
  3. If you are having the party at your office or home, you will need a décor agency to bring the Christmas spirit to your venue. They can bring in the tree and trimmings, with the usual yards of holly and strung up mistletoes. If you are interested in helping the office party seem less office-y, they can even go a step further, covering the usual office artifacts under cottony snow and green felt to make the party seem less like being at work. Additionally, to truly get the party bells jingling, a music system playing the traditional and contemporary Christmas hits will kick the ambience up a notch.
  4. To ensure that your office mates are happy to be there, make sure there are gifts to be exchanged. Leather articles such as wallets, belts, and pen stands or silk scarves and ties make wonderful easy gifts that can be appreciated by all. The agency can bring you a list of recommendations and help you personalize the gifts as well.


Plan as early as possible

Keeping in mind that the holiday season is when most party planners and suppliers are at their busiest it will be difficult to get that many at the last minute. If possible, start planning your holiday party as early as possible, pretty much as soon as you know it is your responsibility to make this party happen. Luckily, it is easy enough nowadays to peruse the Internet and find enough décor and party favors to get the ambience delivered to your doorstep. However, to make sure your event has a personal touch instead of being too generic, starting a little early and bringing in some specialty suppliers will help. The three weekends before Christmas are prime holiday party weekends so make sure you give enough time for planning and execution.

As long as you have planned early enough to book a caterer you have nothing to worry about. Make sure you have all the details you need to provide, and what you have in mind for the party and the caterer will do the rest. He will eke out a venue, cajole some wait staff into working, sort out your food and decor and leave you with a wonderful way to end your year. You, the party planner, can simply arrive at the party, and accept your Christmas gift with a side of compliments from your boss and colleagues. Properly planning your holiday party will make your life a lot easier.