Office lunch catering

Are you planning to give office lunch for an important corporate meeting or bring in lunch for your employees? Whatever your plans are it is important that the office lunch catering is the best in terms of catering and service. You don’t want to spend as if you are hosting a wedding, nor do you want to make it look like one. But still, you want to make it look as professional as possible, while presenting it in a way that your employees feel as if it is especially tailored for them. 

How to choose a caterer?

Giving official lunches isn’t about giving your staff energy to finish your company’s work – it’s an opportunity for them to collaborate and bond with each other. Plus, you must know that some of the best ideas form over a meal. But who wants a pizza party or a deli sandwich over and over again? There are plenty of options when it comes to office lunch catering.

There are as many caterers available locally as there are types of cuisine! Well, the significant part to remember here is to find one who offers a wide variety of catering options for office lunch catering right from a basic package, which contains different sandwiches, to an elaborate one where people will be spoilt for choice.

Multiple choices within a constrained budget

According to Chef Mario, “When I had gone for Richmond Hill Catering, in an IT office, employees were bored with the same kind of bread they got in their lunch packages every day”. The problem was that the budget was constrained. However, when he introduced different types of bread, ranging from whole wheat to focaccia to croissant breads, the company enjoyed it so much that they didn’t mind that extra pinch of an increase in the budget.

Even though holidays are the perfect time to give lunches for your co-workers, the current financial scenario for many businesses is such that companies are cutting down on costs and trying to save on entertainment expenses. So what’s an easy way out of this situation?

  1. You can take your co-workers to a location where office lunch can be served. This way it is much less expensive, as the caterers don’t have to commute and so it is easier for them.
  2. You can order freshly made takeaway food, which many restaurants offer, and you can place these orders online or by phone. You can order standard food or customize the order.

It is the job of the caterers to organize your company’s party in a relaxed way so that you can really forget about the tension of your job, chill out and basically have a great time.

Unwind and enjoy the office lunch!

Overall, office lunch catering should be such that guests and employees enjoy themselves while sharing food. It should be designed in such a way that your corporate party turns into a social team building event that is looked forward to every month or year or however frequently you organize office lunch catering.