Catering by Mario is now offering long term contract catering for corporations like yours. What does this mean to you? It is simple. Chef Mario Vena and staff will prepare lunch for your entire building every workday for the duration of the contract. We can assign a special team to your work at your office cafeteria to give you delicious lunch.

You might wonder what daily catering can do for your business. For several reasons, preparing lunch for your employees can cut your business expenses and increase your employees’ productivity.

Satisfying Meals

Right now, how satisfied are you and your employees with your lunchtime meals? If you ask your employees, they might say they are not happy with things the way they are. Perhaps they feel rushed during lunchtime. Maybe they feel forced to eat fast food and are tired of it. Or, it could be that they are bringing their lunches eating unappetizing leftovers or boring sandwiches every day.

And you? What do you think of your lunchtime fare? Would you rather stay at the office when you can and save eating out for important meetings? Or, would you rather have and enjoyable lunch in the convenience of your own office?

Catering by Mario has the solution. We deliver delicious foods directly to your building each day. Our foods include deli and hot sandwiches, tasty chicken wraps and many other lunchtime favorites. You will love the high quality of our foods, and your employees will appreciate the service you are providing them.

Timely And Dependable Service

You never need to worry what you and the others in your building will do for lunch.
Mario and crew are committed to providing your orders promptly and accurately. You
get what you want, when you want it.

Boost Employee Productivity

Productivity is a major challenge for many businesses. Employees get tired and hungry during the day. By the afternoon, workers who do not have a nourishing lunchtime meal are usually drowsy and irritable, and their mental and physical capacity for work fades quickly.

Catering by Mario can help you overcome this obstacle. At the hour specified in the contract, Chef Mario Vena’s staff delivers lunch for everyone in the building. Your employees have access to the energy-building foods they need to work well without wasting all that energy going out to eat. Thus, they have the capacity to get more done. Productivity problem solved!

Renewable Annual Contracts

With long term contracts, Mario gives you a wonderful opportunity to deal with the
lunch challenge and then put it out of your mind. We can set up the contract for a year
or more if you like, freeing you to spend your time working on important projects. Your employees will benefit every day, and you will benefit from their increased energy, stamina and job satisfaction.

Start Enjoying Mouth-Watering Meals Today!

Simply enroll in the long term contract catering program to bring fresh and flavorful foods to you and your employees. Once you enter into an agreement with Catering by Mario, you can be sure that the food satisfies their appetite, their taste, their need to be considered worthwhile, and their need for a low cost solution to lunch.