Experienced Staff For Small And Large Events

Providing top notch staff for a large catered affair can be a challenge. That is, it can be when you choose a catering company that does not have the resources you find at Catering by Mario. We can provide all the staff you need, no matter what size your party or event. Our pool of talented and professional servers, bartenders, setup and cleanup crews, and coat check staff have the right skills and attitudes to do their event tasks with all the courteousness and professionalism you expect from Mario’s.

Competent Serving Staff

When you need serving staff, trust Catering by Mario to provide the serving staff for your crowd. The wait staff we send come from a pool of servers known for attending meticulously to the needs of groups both large and small, treating each guest as a true individual and a valuable addition to the event or party.

Skilled And Knowledgeable Bar Chefs

Do you need a group of professional bartenders for your large catered event? Catering by Mario can send you a team of experienced and talented bar chefs and bar servers. With constant attention to their quality of service, these professionals help you and your guests enjoy a level of service that is hard to find from other catering companies’ staffing resources.

Honest And Certified Coat Check Staff

Does your event take place during the cold weather season? If so, you’ll definitely need to provide coat check services for your guests. We send you coat check staff who care about your guests belongings and label and handle them appropriately. The coat check attendants work hard to ensure that no one goes home with personal items that do not belong to them and promptly return them to their rightful owners when they request them.

Systemetic And Thorough Setup And Cleanup Crews

Setup and cleanup are more than housekeeping tasks when you have an important event catered for you. Sometimes it is the smallest details that stand out, especially if they are not done correctly. We strive to set up your bar and table service for the most beautiful appearance, practicality and ease of movement around the venue. Our pool of setup and cleanup staff is composed of hard-working and creative individuals who get the details right while setting up the venue exactly as you describe during the planning session with Catering by Mario.

Friendly And Efficient Event Staff

Whether your event takes place in a stadium, a concert hall or a local manor house, our staffing services provide you with the workers and professionals to help make your event a phenomenal success. Mario has provided staff for thousands of guests. When you staff your event through Catering by Mario, you get the best food preparation, servers and bartenders in the catering industry.

Hard-Working Workshop Catering Crew

Are you in charge of planning a large corporate meeting, workshop or training session? Catering by Mario can send you all the best catering staff to help your company team relax and concentrate on your business and interests. Our catering staff serves you, your employees and your colleagues without the distractions brought about by other untrained catering staffs. We hold your company in the highest regard and take pride in contributing to your corporate success.