Cooking Lessons

Cooking classes are becoming a popular way to spend vacation days, learn new cooking techniques to use at home, and experience the joy of creating something fabulous. Chef Mario Vena offers cooking classes for anyone interested in expanding their food preparation knowledge and culinary skills. You can attend classes at various times throughout the year to fit into your own personal and work schedules. The lessons you learn can enhance your dining pleasure for the rest of your life.

Learning From The Masters

All of Chef Vena’s staff, including Mario himself, have the right restaurant,
catering and teaching experience
to help you learn gourmet and traditional Italian cooking. In fact, Chef Vena has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry and has taught cooking classes for many years. You can rest assured that the methods you learn can help you create professional quality cuisine in your own home, any time you like.

Enjoy Your Own Creation

As a part of the cooking classes, you get to sample the tasty foods you prepare during the session. You will be amazed at your ability to create such mouth-watering dishes after only a short time under the direction of a professional chef.

Tailored Teaching Style

Our chefs teach demonstration classes, where you get to watch the chef prepare a food while describing the methods used to create the dish. We also teach classes that allow you to learn techniques for assembling and preparing delectable foods
from the Catering by Mario menus. Finally, we have individualized classes for the budding chef who wants the most intimate class experience with personalized instruction to meet their individual needs.

Diverse Cooking Techniques To Learn

While in Chef Vena’s classes, you can learn a variety of techniques you can use for the featured recipes as well as other recipes you try in the future. You learn methods that help you use a knife to prepare foods like a professional sous chef. You get experience doing the actual cooking, with instructions on cooking times and temperatures, moving the food to cook it properly by stirring, flipping or swirling the pan, and how to tell when the dish is done to perfection. You also learn plating techniques to show off the foods you prepare in an appetizing way.

Distinctive And Rare Dishes To Hone Your Cooking Skills

During the classes, you get a chance to prepare menu items you have never cooked and possibly never even sampled before. Chef Vena specialized in authentic Italian cuisine, his own twists on the foods of his home country. Whether the lesson features Italian, international or local fare, you can learn the best ways to achieve the tastes
that have made Chef Vena famous.

Classes For Beginners And Expert

Virtually anyone old enough to practice safety with knives and commercial stoves can join in Chef Vena’s classes. As a beginner, you have the advantage of learning the right way to do things from the very beginning. Or, if you have more experience in preparing tasty foods, you can get just as much out of the classes as you refine your techniques and learn to prepare exclusive recipes from Chef Vena’s menus.

Pricing And Availability

Classes are between $60-$100 per person and require a minimum of 10 participants per session. All classes are private and availability is varied depending on the convenience of the client and Chef Mario Vena. For more information regarding classes and cooking demonstrations please contact us directly.