Mixed Drink And Cocktail Services

A well-stocked bar and a masterful bartender can improve the ambience of any event, whether it is a wedding, a corporate party or a family reunion. Catering by Mario can provide these bar services and more at a cost that is affordable for most budgets. We can mix up and serve cocktails, pour wine and offer beers to your guests, depending on the choices you make as you plan your event. We offer top quality bar service in the Toronto area.

Bar Chefs

You may call the staff we send to prepare and serve your drinks bartenders, mixologists or bar chefs. No matter what you call them, they are among the best
in bar catering services. We like the name “bar chefs” because it is an excellent expression of what our bartenders do. They approach mixing and serving drinks with the same kind of attention to detail as our meal preparation chefs do. They understand well the subtleties of each type and brand of liquor, making them experts in the art and science of bartending.

Setup And Cleanup

As a part of Catering by Mario bar services, we set up the bar at your venue for maximum visual appeal, crowd management and of course, practical aspects of mixing and serving drinks. Just show our staff where you want to set up. We create the temporary bar for you so you can enjoy your event unstressed by these details. Then, when the party is over, we take down the bar and clean up the bar area for you.

Stylish Glasswares

Elegant glassware can add opulence to your wedding or corporate meeting or social gala. We provide glassware rentals in the Greater Toronto Area for any catered event. If you prefer, we can use disposable cups to save you costs. However, we think you’ll enjoy the beauty of real glass and appreciate the way it enhances the taste of your drinks.

First-Class Alcohol And Booze Selection

When you choose Catering by Mario, you always have the option of requesting elite brands of liquor, wine and beer. We work with you to build a list of liquors that suit your group and the menu you choose. You will always know ahead of time what costs to expect for these special alcohol selections.

Compliance With Toronto Alcohol Laws And Customs

Since the Prohibition Era, the Canadian government has passed strict laws governing the sale and consumption of alcohol. At first, these laws came from a moral outcry against flagrant bootlegging. Later, it became more of a financial matter. At any party or event, it is crucial to follow the current Toronto laws governing alcohol use. We deal with these rules carefully so you never have to concern yourself with the legal aspects of having alcohol served at your occasion. We manage the paperwork for taxes and follow the rules about minimum age for alcohol consumption. Your party becomes more fun and relaxing and at the same time, you never have any legal surprises waiting for you after the party is over.