Full-service catering company which entails catering, staff, bar, rentals and decor. We also offer cooking classes and corporate workshops.

Complete-Service Catering

Full-service catering from Catering by Mario means Chef Mario Vena and his staff provide exquisite cuisine for any occasion. It also means you get spectacular service from every member of Chef Vena’s catering team. Imagine it: the means to make your party, event or special day magnificent – all from one convenient source!

Exquisite Cuisine For Every Occasion

Catering by Mario is your source for delicious meals to enhance your unique events, meetings and celebrations. Mario’s staff bring what you crave, both to satisfy your appetite for amazing food and drink and for an ambiance that is just right for you.
You can have the foods delivered to you, pick them up, or opt for the full-service treatment.

Courteous And Professional Staff

Enjoy the pleasure of full service from the Catering by Mario’s excellent staff. From planning your event to serving and cleaning up, the office staff, chefs, serving staff, setup and cleanup crews, and Chef Vena himself all have one goal in mind – to create a wonderful dining experience for you and your guests.

Cocktail Service

Catering by Mario provides bar services at your request. Our bartenders are experienced bar chefs who understand the subtleties of mixing drinks, tending the bar in a congenial manner and pouring wine gracefully and generously. Catering by Mario provides any type of drinks you choose for your guests, within the budget you set for your event.

Elegant Party Equipment And Accessories

At Catering by Mario, top quality rentals are available at a very reasonable cost to set up your event or party however you choose. Tables and chairs, warmers, plates and cutlery, wineglasses and more are all available for rent to complement your next gala.

Spectacular And Beautiful Event Decor

What celebration would be complete without the perfect décor? Catering by Mario can provide many décor items to bring out the happiness of your special moments with a keen visual appeal. Décor options for your party location include candleholders, table linens, cupcake stands, vases and centerpieces to delight your friends, family and colleagues.

Learn To Cook Like A Chef

Do you ever wish you could prepare unique and flavorful dishes the way a professional chef does it? We hold cooking classes for groups interested in learning the true art and science of food creation. When you come to a cooking class with Catering by Mario, you have an unparalleled opportunity to learn the best cooking techniques from talented and creative chefs.

On-Site Food Service

When you have a corporate workshop or training event, Chef Vena’s staff can provide meals, beverage service and more, whether your workshop lasts for a day or for an entire weekend. Bringing you and your guests all the food and drink they need to sustain them through any challenging learning experience, Catering by Mario contributes professionalism and service to your company employees, leaders and guest speakers. We help make the people who make your company the success that it is feel appreciated and glad to be a part of your unique corporation..