Corporate events can be as simple or as stunning as you like, but with the help of Catering by Mario, they need never be boring. Having an interesting, relaxed or even exciting atmosphere is as crucial for your company party as it is for your most important personal celebrations. With the perfect menu and dining services for your group, you can wow your employees, impress your clients and colleagues, and promote good will between your company and its vendors.

Elaborate Event Planning

Working in the business arena requires you to come up with creative ideas almost constantly. You know more than anyone how valuable time spent planning can be. When you choose Catering by Mario, a restaurant professional will sit down with you to discuss your vision for your corporate gathering.

During this planning meeting, one of Chef Mario Vena’s staff will sit down with you and work out the details of menu choices, serving style and all the little extras that will make your party outstanding. At the same time, the catering representative will help you understand the pricing of everything you arrange to help you meet that all-important event budget.

Distinctive Menus Fit  for Your Event

With Catering by Mario, you will never be given a handful of set menus and told to accept one as-is or leave them. Every corporate event is planned to meet your specific goals and ideals for the just-right party that suits your corporate culture. Whether you choose a themed party or a corporate gourmet dinner, you can choose from any of the wide array of menu choices offered for catering. Would you like an Italian repast? Catering by Mario can bring it to you. Would you like to impress your guests with certified Black Angus steaks or provide delicious sandwiches and sides for a working lunch, you can have a menu that will suit the occasion.

Experienced and Courteous Servers

You’ll relax and enjoy the company of your valued guests, but you can be sure that Mario’s wait staff will be on their toes every minute of your event, providing top notch services like taking orders for a plated meal, delivering the food while it’s still hot and fresh, and serving up drinks to keep your guests refreshed throughout the meal.

If you choose to have a casual lunch instead, you might like Catering by Mario to prepare the food and bring it to your event location. Guests can serve themselves buffet-style, or you can designate members of your company to help. In this case, no wait staff will stay to serve, but they will certainly deliver the food in excellent condition and help you set it up on your tables if you desire.

Masterly and Accomplished Chefs

Your business could never be the thriving organization it is without both talent and experience, and neither could Mario’s. Fortunately for you, Mario Vena has over 30 years of restaurant and catering experience, along with the abundant talent that makes him unique. The other chefs working with Mario know their way around a commercial kitchen and are exceptionally talented.

Come by Catering by Mario to find all the dining and lunch services you desire to make your company party the amazing corporate event you want it to be.