Why Catering By Mario Is The Top Choice For Corporate Catering

Corporate events are powerful tools for business growth. From introducing a brand to promoting sales and rewarding key people in the sales department, businesses have leveraged on the power of corporate events to establish a presence and present a credible image.
For corporate catering in Concord area, trust nothing but the most trusted corporate catering service provider in town – Catering by Mario of Chef Mario Vena. A native of Italy, Chef Mario is steeped in the culinary industry, combining innate passion for cooking and 3 decades of experience in the professional catering business.
He has established for himself a revered spot in the catering business, having earned approval from food critics and common food enthusiasts alike. If you want to ensure that your corporate event in Concord gets fine and seamless catering services, settle for no less than Catering by Mario. Here are reasons why you should enlist the services of Catering by Mario.

Vast Experience With Different Types Of Corporate Events

Chef Mario offers expert advice on how to go about in providing catering services fit for the nature of your corporate event. He can cater to one-day seminars or a conference which stretches for days. He can deliver fine dining for executive retreats in resort hotels or casual lunch boxes to trade shows.
Chef Mario has delivered corporate catering services to many prestigious businesses like BMW, IBM and Honda. Grand or soft openings, product launches, appreciation/awarding programs or company golf events – Chef Mario has provided the right catering service to corporate events of all sizes and settings.

Consistent Top-Notch Service In Different Venues

Catering by Mario has worked in every imaginable venue or location. Whether it’s in plush hotels, big conference centers, high-end restaurants, open-air country club or enclosed theater spaces, Chef Mario can adapt his catering services to suit your location.

Skillful Mastery In Far Ranging Food Choice

Business partnerships, alliances and networking strategies have more chances of being forged when the people are relaxed, entertained and sated with fine food. Trust Catering by Mario to make sure your guests are in a good mood to bring you the corporate goals you envision.
Catering by Mario offers you an extensive array of
menu choices ranging from the fail-safe classic recipes to more exotic and otherworldly kinds. Traditional American fare, Mediterranean dishes, Chinese menu or Asian-inspired creations come in tantalizing tastes and enticing presentations to delight your guest no end.

Professional And Versatile Crew

Yet another trademark of Chef Mario’s catering business is the extra care he takes to maintain a sharp and efficient team of waiters and crew to attend to your corporate event. His crew are known for being friendly, sharp, unobtrusive and yet quick to give personalized service to your guests. From table setting to waiting and troubleshooting, his staff can handle everything so you don’t have to do anything other than sit back and enjoy your corporate event.

Take a moment to have a friendly chat with Chef Mario today and ensure the success of your corporate event in Concord.