The aim of this article is to give you ideas on how to host a perfect party. When you go to a party you want to enjoy yourself. You want the party to be successful and memorable, and the food must be excellent. A caterer’s job is to ensure that the party will run smoothly. If you are planning on a party, it is important that you hammer out all the details. After knowing the budget and theme you would need to finalize the finer details of the event.

  1. Quantity – The amount of food will be determined by the number of guests. Send out the RSVPs early and get confirmations before you finalize the details with your caterer.
  2. Space – Once you have an estimate of the number of guests choose a venue that has enough space for everyone to move comfortably.
  3. Staff – Your caterer will hire the staff, ensure that they have a capable team and have done events like this before. Ask the caterer how many staff they will have on site and what their roles will be.
  4. Bartender – Hire an experienced bartender that can mix drinks. An experienced caterer should know what you need.
  5. Waiters – There are 3 different types of waiters. Hire someone depending on the type of party you will be catering. The Cocktail Reception Waiters are waiters that help serve your food and drinks. The Buffet Dinner Waiters are waiters that would stand at the buffet table to serve food for your guests in line. The Sit down Meal Waiters are quite similar to the Cocktail Reception Waiters but they serve food on the guests table.
  6. Chef – Trust that your caterer will hire the best chef in town. Make sure the chef can prepare different types of food for your guests. Ask about the experience of the chef.
  7. The Food – The food is the highlight of every event. Make sure you have plenty of food. Running out of food would be a disaster. Talk to your caterer what you want the main dish will be as well as some appetizers and some side dishes. Having the right amount of food is dependent on getting good estimates of attending guests.
  8. The Drinks – You need to have a well-stocked bar. You never know what your guests would like to drink so it is best if you have a little bit of everything. The more drinks available, the better. Plan to have non-alcoholic drinks as well.  Also, don’t forget to buy lots of ice for your party. A cold and sparkling water should be available too.

As a host, try to make your guests move around and introduce them to your other guests. Make sure everyone does not feel left out. Encourage your guests to mingle. If you have a shy guest, ask someone who is more outgoing to talk with your shy guest make him/her feel comfortable.

Hosting a party is not an easy task. It can be stressful. It can be demanding. But with the help of the capable hands of your caterer, your party will be a success.

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