Packing lunch for your child has many perks: it’s cheaper, it’s healthier, and it’s probably a whole lot easier for your kid. It can also be a lot better for his or her teeth. We will divide the lunch up into the different groups to help you maximize the potential of the lunch – no […]

Italian Catering

Italian cuisine is a fantastic option for holiday entertaining. This is because many dishes can be prepared much ahead of time and you can cook them when required. However, if you are looking to call a large gathering for holiday dinners it is better to opt for Italian catering instead of making the food yourself. […]


It feels like it was January only yesterday, and, all of a sudden, before you know it December is here with Christmas parties knocking on your door with all the fun and festivities they bring. At this time of the year you cannot say that it is too early to start preparing for them, as […]

Each Thursday at Mario’s Paninoteca we feature a different classic rustic Italian dish created by Chef Mario. This week’s special (Apr. 11/13): Rabbit Stew With strozzapreti *Please note: Quantities are limited and you must order ahead of time! | Various Past Specials | Seafood Risotto Chicken Montanara Stuffed Peppers Siciliana Crespelle Della Valtellina Beef tenderloin […]